Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Well I have been missing in action for a few weeks as we have had a move around at home and as a result my scrapping space has moved. As you maybe aware my partner has had a few health issues as his family have been visiting, which made my scrapping space unusable, but now we have had a move about I am free to scrap without being in the way.

It has meant that I am not looking out the window now but I am beside a window. My desk has fitted in to the alcove well and I have my chest of draws fits in well in front of the fireplace. It also mean that I can have a pin board above my desk which is great. I am still sorting through my scrapping stuff, having a bit of a clear out of bits and also rediscovering a few forgotten gems.

I am hoping to get around to see a lot of the lovely workspaces this week, and thanks in advance for taking the time to comment.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Recipe #3

Well I got around to completing another of the Chicken Soup Recipes, I struggled with this one a it was so simplistic and so much white space.

I am going to add some journalling under the title to take away some of the white space, as I am still struggling with it.

In making this LO I found a pack of American Craft pattern papers which I have fell in love with all over again so planning more LO with these.....crazy how you forget what you have in your stash....or maybe that is just me!!

Hope your week started well.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

LYPLYP Prompt 17

Ok well I am totally out of order with this class now, I have managed to read each prompt and that it about it.....sometimes life takes over!

One of the latest prompts was about using multiple photos on a LO, thought I would have a quick go with a digi template I had, I altered it about to fit in with the colours of the photos. The template and lettering are both from Shimelle.

I am going to try to start back where I left off with the class in a couple of weeks when I have the opportunity.

Hope everyone has had a productive weekend.

Chicken Soup Recipe #4

You really must go over and visit the new challenge blog over at Chicken Soup it has some great inspiration challenges and a great DT too.

I have started on the latest challenge with inspiration from a book cover up on the blog. I am planning to work on the others this weekend too.

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

SCD Tag Challenge

Another tag challenge over at SCD this week and the theme is CIRCLES. Please check out the DT's tags on the blog.

I have been having a big tidy up of my craft stuff having a clear out and sort out. I have been crafting for less than a year and it is crazy how much stuff I have got in that amount of time. we have sorted out the front room so I have my crafting space in a place it is accessible, even when we have guest so am very pleased.....I really need my crafting outlet right now!

When tiding I found a lot of scraps so thought I would put them to good use and create my tag from them. I am pleased with how it turned out and have loved doing tags and using up my scraps.

Have a good weekend.

FREE Journalling Class

Came across this and thought I would post this in case anyone else wanted to have a look at this class. It can be found at the Elle's Studio Blog, it is running from 8th -28th of August.

Have a good Saturday

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

49 Things

Came across this on Mel's blog thought I would give it a go......oh and check her fab blog.

1. Seen The Terracotta Army in China - NO, I would love to travel to China

Cross stitched a sampler Not a sampler but I am currently cross stitching a Sailor Jerry style swallow

3.Kept a friend for more than 20 years As i am still young I have a few pre-school friends I still talk too regularly.

4. Made your own jam
Yes several times...used to help my grandma and mum do this when i was growing up. I do not like jam though!!

Seen the Crown Jewels in The Tower Of London Think I did as a child, not sure

6. Attended a school reunion and enjoyed it No and I don't think I would!

7. Kissed the Blarney Stone
Again think I went as a child to Blarney but did not kiss the stone, that I can remember!

8. Learned how to tap dance No and really have no desire to!!

9. Seen one of the Wonders Of The Ancient World No would love to see the

10. Ridden a tandem bicycle

11. Commissioned a piece of furniture Well if getting my dad to make me furniture and bits counts then yes.

Sold for profit something you made yourself Yes, I sold a few of my paintings when a university

13. Seen Sydney Opera House No would like to one day

Walked up the outside of a volcano No

Met an idol No can not think if I have any idols

16. Found or sent a message in a bottle Yes remember sending one when I was younger and on holiday

Held a stranger's hand, just because they needed you When I worked in the clothes shop helped a woman who was having a panic attack.

18. Thought you might have seen a ghost
Yes, when I was only a child saw a neighbour in the garden only to find out he had died 2 days previously, still not sure if it was my young mind playing tricks on me.

19. Been caught speeding
No, I do try to stay in the speed limit

Won a bet I have won silly bets with friends, but never gambled

Visited a penpal No

Published a poem When I was at middle school, sent one off and it got in a magazine

23. Had your appendix removed
No it's still there

Pierced an interesting part of your body Ears, nose twice...that about as interesting as it goes

25. Seen your name in lights

Had a handsome man buy you Champagne Don't like Champagne!!

27. Had tea at The Ritz
No too posh for me

Found a peacock feather Yes several in different places, my mums friends brought a house and inherited 2 peacocks!

Made a collection of more than 50 objects Yes Hello Kitty, Toy Monkeys as a child, Mirror Balls (had 245 on my bedroom ceiling when I was a teenager)

30. Crossed The Equator No

Partied through til breakfast Not without a power nap No!!!

32. Found a fossil Yes and have lots from when my dad worked at the chalk quarry

33. Seen The Northern Lights No

Built your own house No

35. Started a Mexican Wave
Yes got love a wave however big or small.....you can look stupid if it does not catch on!!

Judged a competition Yes as part of my job with the kids yes.

37. Flown in a hot air balloon
No.....I am too heavy to float!!

38. Spent too much money on something you've only worn once
Indeed, have things I have never worn too!

Scored an own goal. Figuratively or otherwise Yes

40. Appeared on live tv Yes behind a reporter on the news

Asked for your money back Yes on several occasions

Had your photo taken with someone famous I am sure I have when I was at school some Olympian...no idea who....so maybe not famous!!

43. Grown your hair long enough to sit on
When I was younger it was long not sure if long enough to sit on.

44. Been locked in somewhere overnight, or long enough for it to start getting scary

Found something valuable and made sure it was returned to its rightful owner When I was in the clothes shop found a bracelet belonging to a shopper and got it back to her.

Taken part in some kind of endurance event or attempt Umm does an all night art/drawing event count?

47. Driven from one end of your country to the other
Been to both ends but not driven it myself.

48. Been publicly recognised for bravery or special community service

49. Gone out on the town in an outfit you've made entirely on your own
I create all my outfits I wear as an extension of my personality, but not entirely I have made. Been out in whole outfits made by my mum on several occasions

Have a go it is great at prompting memories!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Vanilla Sugar Challenge

It has been a while since I have completed one of the Vanilla Sugar challenge but I was determined to take part in this months. The challenge was to decorate a box, jar or tin...but to be fair I did not have any of them so I decorated a small draw unit I had lying about waiting to be used for something.
I started by cutting paper to cover the sides and the top, I used a piece of Basic Grey I have had lying around for a while, I distressed the edges with ink. I then cut a pattern for the draw front and cut this out of some paper from my stash...no idea where this paper was from might be a pad i brought off QVC sometime!! The exposed wood of the unit I coated with some Distress Crackle Paint to blend it in. I made some more swirl roses from the same paper I used on the draw fronts and added a printed card from the Melody Ross range. I then added labels to the front and a chipboard bird which was coloured with distress ink and coated in Distress rock candy.

I am happy with the result and it means I am beginning to put my stash in some order since moving around my scrapping area.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Catching up on life and crafting

Well it has been a manic few weeks and since I last posted on here......very little crafting has been done.......but not through the lack of wanting too.

So since I last posted I have had my birthday, including my robot themed party, been away for the weekend in Birmingham, and had one of the most manic weeks at work ever!! A big plus though is that my partner is now on the mend and is getting specialist help so all things are moving in the right direction.

I have been trying to follow Shimelle class and have fallen behind, taken a lot of photos but done no scrapping what so ever for this...or anything else. I am hoping that with it being the last week of term coming up I will have time to chill out a bit and be less frazzeled in the evenings and will get some crafting done. Also we have moved the front room around so have more space for my crafting stuff, but I need to tidy it up so I know where everything is.

I have managed to do some crafting this weekend, I worked on a tag for SCD challenge blog the theme was fantasy it was good to do some crafting all but small. Go over and check the blog and see the DT interpretations.
I created a simple background using some swirl stamps and a range of distress ink. I found the fairy on a piece of paper I had but it was very plain so added some of the stamped swirls over it. I also had a go at some swirl flowers, which I inked the edge of. I have seen alot of these on peoples blogs and thought it was time I gave them a go.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shimelle Challenge 1 & 2

I have just got around to posting the challenge photos for the new class by Shimelle.

1st Photo - what makes me smile
I love this cheeky lizard and the snap I got just as it was disappearing.

2nd Photo - quick snap picture

I picked up the camera and shot what was in front of me for this one....my messy side table!

Loving this class so far!

Shimelle Prompt 2

Well it is the second day of the class and I am already behind on day one but I am hoping to post it tomorrow.

Well today was to look at the flowers around us and to photography them, as I have no garden at our flat, I took a trip over to my parents and to my dads lovely kept garden and found a lovely lily that had flowered in the past few days. I explored the settings on my camera, using the B&W option and also the Chrome option and explored my love of the macro setting. I also took a couple of photos on my iphone. My camera is FujiFilm Finepix F60fd 12 mega pixels.

I am happy with these photos and look forward to scrapping them and lots of the others I took this afternoon.

I will be posting the challenge posts soon

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Class Excitement

This class is starting on Monday so excited to get started now!!