Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Well this week seems to have gone by quite quick, I am sure I say that most weeks, but it is time to nosey around some desks. Firstly can I thanks you for all the well wishes for my partners health, he has had a few good days, so we are a happier household. Also I made it to about 110 blogs last week and comment on all that I could, blogger was having some issue, but I really enjoyed making some new friends along the way.

Well even though I have had more time this week I have not actually done any crafting, but I have been organising my stash, partly because my plastic draw unit is collapsing under the weight of everything lol!! I found it very therapeutic to sort my scraps and to organise all my embellishments, I spent the best part of a day cut out elements from element sheets and punch out all my die-cut and bagging them up by theme. I found that I had lots that had fallen out and were getting ruined, I also rediscovered some bits I had forgotten. I also discovered a few bit to put out to sell at the next weeks crop.

I also sorted through all my loose 12x12 pattern papers and card stock, I have a lot. I have stored this all in my really useful box 12x12 container with dividers, I got this in a set from QVC and now I have sorted it out is a lot easier to find paper.

As you can see I do like to try and be organised, I am not sure how long it will last though!!

I am looking forward to making it around lots of blogs this week all though I am back to work properly from today!! If you are unsure why I am showing you my bags of booty please head over to Julia's blog where all will become clear.

LSNED (shimelle.com) starts today so looking forward to scrapping later today

Have a good Wednesday

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Wow where is this month going! I have been having a hectic time of it this week, lots to do at week and them my partner has been unwell again, and he also has his exams this week so manic times... luckily I booked some time off work!

Well as you can see that I have been doing some crafting by the state of my craft desk!! I thought I would show you a photo of my space from a distance so you can see my little crafting nook.

On my desk is the start of my mini album for shimelle new class starting 1st September and also the card I have made for my mums birthday on Friday.

I have lots of crafting on my to do list as well as my crochet, the blanket has grown by another row of squares, no updated photograph as it is in the boot of my car for some impromptu crocheting.

If you are wondering what this is all about please visit the wonderful Julia's blog and see what this maddness is about. My appologies for not getting around may desks, but as I said things got hectic!!

Have a brilliant week and thank you if you have taken the time to leave a comment.

LSNED Front Cover

Well I am looking forward to this class starting on the 1st September, I sat down and made my front cover last night. I decide to go with a mini album rather than an 8X8 scrapbook album.

This front cover is really busy but I love it, I enjoyed finding up my different alphas and creating the layers. I am going to work on getting the 30 pages cut for the inside so I am ready to go. The picture is a bit naf as I had to take it with my old camera as I have mislaid the cable to mine in my fit of housework!!

I have a few days off work so in between doing the work I brought home and doing housework I am hoping to do some scrapping.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Been really busy lately but have managed to fit a bit of crafting in. Looking forward to getting started with the Shimelle class starting on 1st September, going to try my best to keep up with this one.

I also have some photos to upload but have lost my camera lead so that will have to wait for now.

Hope everyone is ok

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Hello again everyone, thanks everyone for the lovely comments, I did not manage to get around many blogs last week, but I am going to try my best to do better this week.

I have some more shots of my crochet blanket project, which is growing slowly, I am happy with it progress, I also got a lovely box of new wool, very exciting and now too many for cute bag!!

I also have a shot of my desk which has my sewing machine out from an LO that I was doing some stitching on at the weekend. I have customised my sewing machine with some rub-ons and love it!!

Please go over to Julia's blog and catch up on all the other lovely desks...you will be around the world and back before you know it.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Shimelle Crop Challenge #37

Challenge #37 to take a shot of your home

For this I took a picture of my window sill and the random bits that collate there.


Shimelle Crop Challenge #9

This is my entry for challenge #9 to scrap with a black and white photo.

All the elements in this one are freebie I have found at various places on the internet. I want to thank the people who put freebie digi stuff out there as it means I can digi scrap and try it out.

Thanks for looking

Shimelle Crop Challenge #11

Challenge #11 - use at least 4 different pattern papers

I went for a lot of tonal papers on this one and also create a paper embellishment to out of some off cuts too.

Thanks for looking

Shimelle Crop Challenge #16

Well found sometime to upload some more of the bits I completed for this weekend Cyber crop over at Shimelle.com

Challenge #16 - to scrap with pink

This was not to tough for me as I love pink and have a lot of stash that is pink, I have recently been scrapping a lot in pink. I needed to make a card for my good friends birthday next week so got scrap happy for this challenge and used some odd bits and pieces on my scrap desk.

Have loved looking at everyone's creations so far

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Shimelle Crop Challenge #14 #28 & #32

Well here is some paper scrapping for this weekend for the challenges over at Shimelle.com.

Challenge #14-To scrap with squares, this one I did something a bit different I found a frame sticker to put on the front of a card for my godsons christening. It is very simple,and I had to resist fussing it out.

Challenge #28 &#32- I covered two challenge with this one, I created a LO with a quadrant of patterned paper, this is not a LO style I have done much but I like the effect. I included on this the embellishments I made from scraps. I had lots of off-cuts of papers and some blank chipboard flowers, I covered these and inked them, I also used a flower punch to layer on top with a gem.

I still have lots of challenges I want to tackle but time has run away with me this weekend, I have tomorrow though to try and catch up after work.

Hope everyone has had a good scrapping weekend.

Shimelle Crop Photo Challenges

Well I have been busy scrapping away but have not got around to updating the blog with the challenges.

This is a collection of the photo challenges so far.

#4 photograph something man-made - I decided to photograph the viaduct that is on the road I live on.
#15 photograph the sky- This was taken out of my kitchen window last night
#19 photograph nature - not having a garden I went out my front door to find some greenery, I came across this clump of weed, I like the contrast with the concrete.
#21 photograph your feet - not a great shot of my feet, I am not a feet person really.
#25 photograph books - This is our stairs of books, we have an open staircase up to our loft, we don't use the steps often, so it now houses our book collection.
#31 photograph your crafting space - Well my crafting desk still has my sewing machine on so I have been scrapping on a small table from the sofa, so I wanted to show you both.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Shimelle Crop Challenge #5

Time for another digi scrap this time using the lovely polka dot alphabet free to download. I am going to use this on some paper scrapping projects too. The kit here is one from Anna Langpap downloaded from 2Peas.

The list of challenges is still growing....I am slowly getting there.

Shimelle Crop Challenge #3

I did struggle a little with this one as it is so simple, I decided to hold off on the journalling as well. It is nice to do something different from my normal style too.


Shimelle Crop Challenge #1

Well I have got around to doing some paper scrapping today and decided to start at the beginning and tackled the red, aqua and white challenge.

I got my sewing machine out for this one too!!

100th Post

Wow I have reached my 100th post!!!!

I just want to say a quick thank you to all that have looked at my blog and took the time to comment on my work.


Friday, 13 August 2010

Shimelle Crop Challenge #7

Well I have completed my first scrapping related challenge, this time it is digital. Mainly as I was too tired to get my scrapping bits out so went to bed and tackled this instead.

This one is the scrap with circles challenge, as you will see I have polka dots and bubbles!! Most of these elements came from the August download free kit form Owl Tree Studio blog. I am still only using digi freebies really as I am not sure I can commit to this process 100% yet.

Well I am sure by the time I log on in the morning that I will have more challenges to add to my list.

Shimelle Crop Challenge #6

This challenge was to take a photo out of a window, this one was easy as I was not going outside in the pouring rain. Again I used my iphone to capture these photos. We have a cracked window at work (comes with working with angry teenagers) it worked really well with theme of looking out of the window.

I am hoping to catch up tonight as I am busy scrapping...even doing some digi scrapping

Shimelle Crop Challenge #2

Well I made a start of these when at work earlier with my iphone, it was chucking it down outside (see #6). I took photos from my office desk, a cake we had to celebrate Friday and also other bits on my desk.

I am really happy with how the iphone close up pictures went, looking forward to scrapping the cake ones.

I am planning a huge scrap-athon tomorrow